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Miss Maryland International 2010
Heather Young
Heather Young


For 20 year-old Heather Young, the title of Miss Maryland International 2010 is much more than glamour and glitz. Former Miss Montgomery County International, the title of Miss Maryland International has blessed Heather with the opportunity to spread her story and her passion for empowering others.


A native of Maryland, Heather’s life in the spotlight began at the age of four, when she appeared in a commercial for the Washington D.C. Metro. Since then, Heather has become an accomplished actress, model, and dancer. In 2007, she graduated a member of the National Honor Roll from Urbana High School, where she displayed her love for performing in plays and musicals, and as Vice President in the National Thespian Society. She currently attends the University of Baltimore to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communication. As a full time student with a 3.8 GPA, Heather contributes her time as Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Senate, member of the National Honors Leadership Society Omicron Delta Kappa, and an Orientation Leader.

This knowledge and experience has taken Heather on a journey in volunteerism, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. She has been an active volunteer in her community since the age of ten. Heather has contributed to many organizations, some of which include: The National Conference on Student Leadership, American Cancer Society, Women’s Calvary Services, and the United States Air Force.


Her passion for preventing missing and exploited persons began on September 15, 2005, when her uncle went missing in South Pattaya, Thailand. An advocate for this cause, Heather has become National Spokesperson for Let’s Bring Them Home. In collaboration with Let’s Bring Them Home, Heather is working with United States Senators to help pass the National Silver Alert Act, S. 557 and Kristen’s Reauthorization Act.

“The absence of information is one of the most devastating parts of losing a loved one,” says Heather, looking back on the memory of her uncle. “My family and I did not know how to feel. It nearly tore us apart.” This personal experience inspired Heather to become an advocate to fight for prevention, education, awareness, as well as treatment of secondary victims.


Heather’s mission is to empower others to stop this threat before it attacks. She will fight for prevention, education, awareness, and treatment of victims left behind. “I want people to understand how easy it is for someone to go missing. It could be your sister, cousin, or even yourself.” The National Silver Alert Act is the first step to creating a nationwide alert system for missing adults.

As Miss Maryland International 2010, Heather will spend her year lobbying and campaigning on behalf of Let’s Bring Them Home. She is determined to assist in the recovery of no less than ten missing persons, and to ensure S.557 is supported nationwide.

Heather believes that when people are united by change, anything is possible. We can educate others to change the future.

“Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.” –Elizabeth David


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